Tylenol Sells Liquid Medicine contaminated with Metal

This is not the first time Johnson & Johnson has faced an issue leading to wide-ranging recalls. After each major recall, they have managed to bounce back gracefully. This incident will likely result in yet another successful feat.

The maker of Tylenol pleaded guilty in a Philadelphia Federal Court to selling liquid medicine contaminated with metal. In addition to metal particles, there were moldy odors and labeling problems discovered.

The Johnson & Johnson subsidiary faces a criminal charge of manufacture and process of adulterated over-the-counter medicines. The company agreed to a $25 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

A spokeswoman for McNeil Consumer Healthcare said the plea agreement “closes a chapter” and that the company has “been implementing enhanced quality and oversight standards across its entire business,” Reuters reports.

The articles also explain that Johnson & Johnson went down $900 million in sales and is no longer the trusted brand they once were. However, this is always the case when a large organization makes a mistake. Now, it is the task of the manufacturer’s Public Relations department to “put the fire out” and regain the public’s trust.

So far, they are on the right track. The manufacturer has pulled the items off the market, admit to their mistake,  and they tell consumers how they will fix the problem….so far so good!


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